Frequently Ask

For anyone interested in participating

What else should I know?

The 2024 paddler guide will be available in April and include details on everything including Schedule of Events (check-in, race day, post race party), info on board/boat storage Friday night at the start, hotel discounts and spectator info.

What type of SUP can I paddle?

No inflatables will be allowed. If you’re paddling solo, the SUP must be 14 feet long. 12 feet is fine if you’re on a team.

Are there cutoff times?

Yes, paddlers will need to make the turnaround/half-way points of each race at specific times. Those details will be in the paddler guide.

What would delay or cancel a day?

Storms, lightning and any dangerous weather conditions would delay or cancel the race. Some of these we can prepare ahead of time and some we may have to do so during.

What can I do to prepare?

Train. Training programs, coaching and group race programs are available through Capital SUP, ChesSUPeake, B’More SUP and others. You can also get an online training program if you can’t make it or don't live nearby and a coach to help with nutrition, mobility and recovery. More details to come. Study the Course Maps. Study the exit points and other potential public take out spots so you know where to go in an emergency. And please understand this map is subject to slight changes based on any safety precautions.

Are there paddle categories?

Yes, we will group similar paddle types (SUP, kayak, OC, OC6, surfski, etc) together for the start.

What safety precautions will be in place?

Solo or tandem paddlers on a SUP, Surfski, kayak, OC1, OC2 or other will be required to wear a PFD, bring their cell phone for race tracking, have a race bib and wear a leash at all times on the water. All gear will be checked prior to the race start and will be required to participate. We will create land based exit points so paddlers can exit the water by land if needed. We will provide a safety plan, including procedures during a weather or medical emergency for all paddlers and any land support teams. OC6 team paddlers only need to have a race bib There's no PFD, leash or cell phone requirement.

What about accommodations?

The paddler guide has a list of local hotels. There are several less than 2 miles from the race start/finish.

Will support boats be provided?

Escort boats will be provided for the OC6 change race and other safety boats will be in place for all races. In the event of a weather emergency, paddlers will be instructed to head to shore.

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