Frequently Ask

For anyone interested in participating

Any COVID requirements?

Yes, all paddlers need to be tested prior to participating or provide a vaccination card.

What would delay or cancel a day?

A hurricane would cancel a day(s) and this is predictable ahead of time. Any dangerous weather conditions (lightening, heavy wind) could delay or cancel a day. Some of these we can prepare ahead of time and some we may have to do so during.

What can I do to prepare?

Train. Training programs, coaching and group race programs are available through Capital SUP, ChesSUPeake, B’More SUP and others. ‍ You can also get an online training program if you can’t make or don’t live nearby and a coach to help with nutrition, mobility and recovery. More details to come. ‍ Study the Bay Paddle map. Study the exit points and other potential public take out spots so you know where to go in an emergency. And please understand this map is subject to slight changes based on any safety precautions. We’ll stick with this route, but may alter end points by a mile or two depending on weather conditions. ‍ Understand the tides. We will attempt to start at the peak of high tide (highest water level) each day. The tide will start to shift and the water will go down the Bay from the peak of high tide until low tide. When we start, we’ll be paddling with the tide. The tide process from highest to lowest takes about 6 hours. The tide shifts again from low back to high and the water will come up the Bay for 6 hours, meaning we will be paddling against the tide. ‍ Understand the weather. Wind will play a big role and you should be prepared to paddle in conditions of 10-15+ knots and 2-3+ foot waves.

What if a paddler can’t finish?

If you can’t finish during any day, try and get to a land exit point or another public landing spot.

Will there be a daily cut off?

Yes, there will be no paddling past dark and the cutoff will be at least 30 minutes before dusk.

Is this a competitive race with prizes?

No, we are not racing against each other and there are no 1st place prizes. The goals are 1) to finish safely and appreciate an incredibly unique experience paddling one of the most spectacular bodies of water on the planet and 2) to help save our Bay by raising money for oyster recovery and bringing awareness to its needs and beauty.

Are there paddle categories?

Yes, we will group similar paddle types (SUP, kayak, OC, surfski, etc) together for the start.

When will we start and finish each day?

We will all start at the same time in the morning each day and finish at least 30 minutes before dusk. Official times will be posted prior based on high tide in the morning and dusk in the evening.

How many paddlers can be on a team?

1-to-4 is ideal and easier to manage logistically. You can break up each day however you see fit as a team (4-people per day, 1 per day rotating each day, etc.). Just plan ahead if you’re thinking about doing multiple paddlers daily on how and when you make the transitions. Team plans will need to be sent to race organizers the night before each day so we know who is on the water when.

What safety precautions will be in place?

Each paddler will be required to wear a vest PFD similar to this (no waist based inflatables), bring their own marine VHF radio and their cell phone at all times on the water. All gear, including paddles and board, kayak, etc will be checked prior to starting each day. We will create land based exit points through each day so paddlers can exit the water by land if needed. ‍ We will provide a safety plan, including procedures during a weather or medical emergency for all paddlers and any land support teams ‍ We will look out for each other on the water. This is not a race and the safety of everyone is all of our responsibility.

What about accommodations?

We're working on camping at each day's finish location, so you won't need to travel after you're done. We'll also have discounted hotel rates and a shuttle to local hotels for those who prefer indoor accommodations.

Will support boats be provided?

No, this will be a self-supported race. You can provide a safety or support boat for you or your team, but extra boats will not be available.

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