The 1st ever attempt to SUP the entire length of the Chesapeake Bay

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Paddling for a cleaner Chesapeake

1 oyster |  50 gallons |  200+ miles

A single oyster can filter 50 gallons of water daily. That’s a big effort for a small shell. We want to raise $200,000 to put 100 million oysters back to work, filtering over 5 billion gallons of water per day.  An effort like that requires a little support.

$54,811 raised

Goal: $200,000

$10 plants 1,000 oysters
or text BAYPADDLE to 44-321

Did you know...

Just $10 helps plant 1,000 oyster spat filtering 50,000 gallons daily.

The Bay oyster population was once so vast, it could filter the entire Bay in less than a week, making the water clear to 20 feet or more.

—The Oyster in Chesapeake History, by Dr. Henry M. Miller

Today, the oyster population is down 99% and takes more than a year to filter the Bay.

Together, we can transform the bay.

Help turn this...

to this.

Support the Bay Paddle Team on a 200+ mile journey to raise money for Oyster Recovery Partnership and restore the Bay's oyster population.

$10 plants 1,000 oysters
or text BAYPADDLE to 44-321

Paddleboard and Bay enthusiasts Chris Hopkinson and Chris Norman decided the least they could do to support the hard work of our little shelled friends was to paddleboard the length of the Bay, about 240 total miles (the Bay is about 200 miles, but we'll be making some port stops

Start Date : Friday, September 18, 2020
Start Point : Concord Point Lighthouse, Havre de Grace
End Date : Saturday, September 26, 2020
End Point : Cape Henry Lighthouse, Virginia Beach

Coming soon!

About Us

Chris Hopkinson

Chris was born and raised in Annapolis, spent 7 years in Baltimore City, 2 in DC and currently lives in Arnold with his wife Megan and 3 energetic children; Olivia, Emma and Miles. His paddling adventures started as a gift from his wife and a way to get him out of the house. His oyster interest started with his daughter’s science project.  

Chris Norman

Chris Norman was born and raised in Annapolis and has always had a strong connection to the water. His grandfather was a graduate of the Naval Academy and his father grew up sailing and windsurfing in Annapolis. Chris along with two friends started Capital SUP, a paddleboard and kayak rental outfit in Annapolis, in 2014. As much time as he spends on the water, Chris wants to help restore and preserve the Bay for generations to come.


Milford H. Marchant Jr., M.D.
Orthopaedic Sports Medicine
& Shoulder Surgery
MedStar Harbor Hospital


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$10 plants 1,000 oysters
or text BAYPADDLE to 44-321

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