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An epic 215 mile, 8 day, staged paddle race to protect the Chesapeake Bay

August 27 - September 3 2021
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Chris' Route Down The Bay

18 Sep 2020


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Paddling to protect the Chesapeake Bay

Our goal:  200M Oysters Planted

The Chesapeake Bay is a natural treasure. Our mission is to help protect it by working with Oyster Recovery Partnership to plant more oysters and Chesapeake Conservancy to support their efforts to designate the Bay as a National Park.

SUP, OC, kayak,
canoe, surfski...
Teams Of 1-16
8 Days
From Havre de
Grace, MD
To Virginia Beach,

Course Map

8 days, 215 miles starting in Havre de Grace, MD and finishing in VA Beach

Day 1

33 miles: Havre de Grace to Gratitude Marina

Day 2

22 miles: Gratitude to Claiborne Landing

Day 3

27 miles: Claiborne Landing to Taylors Island Campground or Slaughter’s Creek

Day 4

29 miles: Taylor’s Island to Crocheron Wharf/Hoopers Island Oyster

Day 5

23 miles: Crocheron Wharf to Crisfield

Day 6

24 miles: Crisfield to Harborton

Day 7

32 miles: Harborton to Cape Charles

Day 8

25 miles: Cape Charles to VA Beach

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Chris Hopkinson


On September 26, 2020, I became the 1st person to stand up paddle board the entire length of the Chesapeake Bay. I did it over 9 days in order to raise money for Oyster Recovery Partnership.

Very few people have ever travelled the length of the Bay on any vessel much less on a 14’ paddleboard.

It was an unforgettable experience. I was in some of the most spectacular and remote parts of the Bay, areas most boats can’t get to because of the depth. I felt like an explorer navigating uncharted territory.

I decided very soon after I needed to keep the Bay Paddle going and grow it. More people should experience the same journey and more needs to be done to protect our national treasure. That’s the mission of the Bay Paddle.

— Chris

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