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The Oyster Recovery Partnership (ORP) is the nonprofit expert in Chesapeake Bay oyster restoration. They’re restoring the Bay’s native oyster population by building sanctuary reefs, rebuilding public fishery reefs, supporting the aquaculture (oyster farming) industry, recycling oyster shell, and getting the public involved through hands-on volunteering and events.

Chris Hopkinson


On September 26, 2020, I became the 1st person to stand up paddle board the entire length of the Chesapeake Bay. I did it over 9 days in order to raise money for Oyster Recovery Partnership.

Very few people have ever travelled the length of the Bay on any vessel much less on a 14’ paddleboard.

It was an unforgettable experience. I was in some of the most spectacular and remote parts of the Bay, areas most boats can’t get to because of the depth. I felt like an explorer navigating uncharted territory.

I decided very soon after I needed to keep the Bay Paddle going and grow it. More people should experience the same journey and more needs to be done to protect our national treasure. That’s the mission of the Bay Paddle.

— Chris

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Chris Hopkinson

Chris Norman

Brendan Curley

Dave May

Dr. Milford Marchant

Duncan Slidell

Carleen Birnes

Johns Bahen

Sarah Elfreth

Todd Fletcher

Tricia Dyer

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