Sponsor the Bay Paddle

Sponsoring the Bay Paddle is a high-visibility, COVID-19 safe opportunity to highlight your dedication to a healthy Chesapeake Bay.
What's the Bay Paddle?

Taking place this September 18-26, the Bay Paddle is the first ever attempt to standup paddleboard the length of the Chesapeake Bay (~240 miles from Havre de Grace, MD to Virginia Beach, VA) supporting Oyster Recovery Partnership, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to growing the environmental and economic value of oysters. The Bay Paddle will raise awareness about oysters’ water quality and ecosystem enhancing benefits - and funds (goal $200,000!) to plant more oysters in the Chesapeake Bay.

Chris was born and raised in Annapolis and currently lives in Arnold with his wife and three energetic children. His paddling adventures started as a gift from his wife as a way to get breaks from their busy household. His interest in oysters began with one of his daughter’s science projects demonstrating their water-filtration capabilities. Chris reached out to ORP with the idea to do something action-oriented and attention-grabbing to raise dollars to plant more oysters and the Bay Paddle was born!

Why Sponsor?

The Bay Paddle has captured the public’s attention, as well as local and national press, and the boating, sailing, and paddling communities throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Partnering with the Bay Paddle and ORP will help you stand-out from competitors by showcasing your services and support for the Bay, and getting exclusive exposure to one of the premier regional events bringing the entire Bay community together!

Sponsorship Opportunities

TITLE Sponsor

Claimed by Flying Dog Brewery

GOLD Sponsor | $15,000
SILVER Sponsor | $5,000
BRONZE Sponsor | $2,000
  • Logo recognition across Bay Paddle 2020 digital marketing efforts, including, websites, newsletters, videos, blogs, social media, etc.
  • One exclusively tagged mention on Bay Paddle and Oyster Recovery Partnership social media.
Bay Paddle Supporter | $500
  • Logo recognition on Bay Paddle website.
  • Tagged in one comprehensive sponsor recognition post on Bay Paddle and Oyster Recovery Partnership social media.
For questions, please contact: Paul Schurick | pschurick@oysterrecovery.org
For more than 25 years, the Oyster Recovery Partnership has worked to restore Maryland’s native oyster population. Working collaboratively with government agencies, nonprofits, educational institutions, businesses and conservation-minded partners like you, we have planted more than 8.5 billion oysters and recycled over 200,000 bushels of shell. For more info visit oysterrecovery.org.

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