So What Do You Eat?

Monday, July 20, 2020

So what do you eat?

I’m often asked about my nutrition plan. Both in training and how and what I eat when I’m paddling.

I’m old and inflammation is catching-up. The biggest thing I do is try to eat an anti-inflammatory diet to help with aches, injuries, arthritis and chronic illness. I try not to eat much sugar, dairy (except eggs) or gluten and I don’t eat red meat. I eat a lot of vegetables, mostly in a daily salad and take a handful of supplements. 

I also do intermittent fasting. I try to eat dinner by 7p and breakfast at 11a. That gives my body 16 hours to repair between meals. It also helps adjust to using fat more for fuel, which is a better energy source than carbs. I’ll work out during the week on an empty stomach, usually no more than an hour or so paddling or strength training. 

Below is a sample of my normal meal plan and one during the paddle. 

Breakfast: 4 egg omelet with spinach, half an avocado, cooked mushrooms and curcumin

Lunch: Large salad; cucumbers, celery, hummus, red pepper, some sauerkraut (I love it and it’s good for gut bacteria) and pumpkin seeds for protein. I might add a tuna sandwich on Ezekiel bread with chia seeds. 

Snack: Plant protein shake with coconut milk, sunflower or peanut butter, frozen blueberries/banana, cinnamon and ginger. Organic protein bar. Almonds, pistachios and dark chocolate (70% or above cacao has less sugar)

Dinner: Chicken, turkey or salmon with a vegetable (sweet potatoes, broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts). Gluten free pasta with Beyond Meat sausage, red peppers and onions. 

Supplements: Creatine, vitamin D, multivitamin, aminos, Curamin and Arnicare 

During the paddle:

My breakfast and dinner will stay the same with the addition of gluten free pancakes or egg sandwich on gluten free bread.

I have to eat lunch on my board. I have a camelback with 72 oz of water and electrolytes plus an extra water bottle or two. I’ll try and get close to 100oz of fluids while I’m paddling. I’ll eat 3-4 organic protein bars and 2 sun/peanut butter and banana with cinnamon and honey sandwiches on gluten free bread. I’ll add some watermelon either during or after.

I hope to celebrate the finish of each day with a Flying Dog as well

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