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DAY 5 RECAP: September 22, 2020

Taylor's Island, MD to Crocheron, MD

The Bay Paddle is an epic, 200+ mile journey by standup paddleboard to raise awareness and funds for Oyster Recovery Partnership. You can help by donating $10, which plants 1,000 oysters back into Bay waters. DONATE HERE or text BAYPADDLE to 44-321.


114 miles complete / 240 total planned miles
(26 miles today)

$141,204 raised / $200,000

14.1 million oysters raised / 20 million


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(As noted by Bay Paddle partner Bryan Kent Gomes, Educational Director, ClearSharkH2O)
Thanks to TowBoatUS Captain Mike for excellent support!

  • Today we headed out from Taylors Island Family Campground on Tilghman Island. We saw lots of eagles as soon as we got out on the Bay!  
  • Chris and I headed out with no special guests again today (though a boat of friends showed up to surprise him).
  • We tucked-in at Hoopers Island at the Honga River Bridge for a lunch break. Nice and sunny spot!  
  • After lunch, the day seemed to drag on and we struggled to find our way to CBF's Karen Noonan Center. Did I mention it was a long day?!
  • Wind was moderate - although mostly at our backs it still causes issues!
  • The waves were big and rolling in the Bay today!  And the weather was the best part, warm and sunny!


  • Water Quality Data at Taylors Island: Turbidity = 41cm, pH = 8.4 Salinity = 21PPT Temperature =19C (66F)
  • Wildlife sightings: Bald eagles, cormorants, gulls, an osprey (anyone else out there still seeing them?) and a three diamondback terrapins.  New species: 2 brown pelicans!


  • The Skipjack Rebecca T. Ruark was built at Taylor's Island, MD by Moses Geoghegan in 1896 for William T. Ruark, and named for Ruark's wife. She is a typical sloop-rigged skipjack, built for the shallow draft, low freeboard and high stability needed to work the Chesapeake Bay oyster beds. In 1985 skipjacks were designated as the State boat of Maryland. The Rebecca T. Ruark is still sailing and racing - and she is fast! She won the 2016 Deal Island Labor Day Skipjack Race.  Her home port is now nearby Tilghman Island, Maryland and her Captain is Wade Murphy. Learn her full story here. (Sources: mdwanderer blog and Wikipedia)
  • Harriet Tubman was born in Dorchester County, MD. She was an American abolitionist and political activist. Born into slavery, Tubman escaped and subsequently made some 13 missions to rescue approximately 70 enslaved people, including family and friends, using the network of antislavery activists and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad (source: Wikipedia). Chris and crew passed by the newly minted Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad US National Park on their travels today!
  • The Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, also located in Dorchester Co., was established in 1933 as a waterfowl sanctuary for birds migrating along the critical migration highway called the Atlantic Flyway. Blackwater consists of over 28,000 acres of freshwater impoundments, brackish tidal wetlands, open fields, and mixed evergreen and deciduous forests. Blackwater Refuge is fed by the Blackwater River and the Little Blackwater River. The name "blackwater" comes from the tea-colored waters of the local rivers, which are darkened by the tannin that is picked up as the water drains through peat soil in the marshes. Blackwater Refuge is open to visitors and can be accessed via the Wildlife Drive. Visitors can drive, bike, or walk the length of the Drive. (Source: Wikipedia).


  • Chris and crew passed by some of ORP's aquaculture partners, including: Hooper's Island Oysters, Madhouse Oysters, Fishing Creek Oysters, GW Hall & Son, Rippons Brothers Seafood, Russell Hall Seafood, Simmons' Chesapeake Bay Seafood, and WT Ruark & Co. See a full list of Chesapeake Bay oyster farms here.
  • The Nanticoke River was historically one of the most fertile areas for Maryland aquaculture and is now seeing a resurgence.  Read this great article about Nanticoke aquaculture.  
  • MD Sea Grant is a strong supporter of developing science-based solutions to manage Maryland’s Marine Resources. Visit their website to learn more about the history and future of Maryland’s oyster aquaculture industry.


The Bay Paddle crew will pick-up from CBF's Karen Noonan Center and paddle to Crisfield, MD. Enjoy this video of the sunset from Crocheron, MD!

$10 plants 1,000 oysters

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