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DAY 4 RECAP: September 21, 2020

Tilghman, MD to Taylor's Island, MD

The Bay Paddle is an epic, 200+ mile journey by standup paddleboard to raise awareness and funds for Oyster Recovery Partnership. You can help by donating $10, which plants 1,000 oysters back into Bay waters. DONATE HERE or text BAYPADDLE to 44-321.


88 miles complete / 240 total planned miles
(21 miles today)

$139,635 raised / $200,000

13.9 million oysters raised / 20 million


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(As noted by Bay Paddle partner Bryan Kent Gomes, Educational Director, ClearSharkH2O)
  • Today we headed out from Bellevue Landing and tucked up the Tred Avon where the ferry still crosses over to Oxford.  
  • Unfortunately, there were no special guests joining us today.
  • We had some big water crossing both the Tred and the Choptank rivers.  
  • Wind was moderate - although mostly at our backs it still creates issues. We were occasionally able tuck-in behind some land masses which helped shield the wind (stress “occasionally").  
  • We made good time and arrived to Taylors Island Family Campground by mid-afternoon.  
  • The waves were big crossing the Tred Avon and the Choptank, 2-3' with white caps!  
  • And the weather was again GREAT!
  • So far so good.  Keep sending us your warm positive vibes!
  • Shout out to all our safety/support boats and big thanks again to Captain Adam from TowBoatUS, and Anna at the Taylor's Island Family Campground.


  • Water Quality Data at Clairborne Landing: Turbidity = 90cm, (that’s really good) pH = 8.2, Salinity = 18PPT (that seems low compared to other stops) Temperature =19C (66F)
  • Wildlife sightings: Bald eagles, cormorants, gulls, schools of menhaden doing their filtering work, and - Maryland's state reptile -a Diamondback Terrapin!


  • Chris and crew passed Hoopers Island today. From Wikipedia, "Hoopers is considered the oldest settled area in Dorchester County. The namesake of the islands is Henry Hooper. Hooper was friends with the Calverts, an important family many consider to be founders of the state of Maryland. Due to the geographical nature of Hoopers Island, the residents had to be self-sufficient and independent. Accordingly, the islanders maintained strong family and community ties. Once families moved to Hoopers Island, they stayed for generations. According to one source, for 300 years the population can be traced to just ten families."
  • During the 18th century piracy was rampant in the Chesapeake Bay. As boats, filled with supplies, were headed towards the top of the Bay, they were attacked by pirates who had been hiding in the many tributaries. Lord Dunmore, one of the more infamous pirates, created such mayhem that Henry Hooper, IV, in 1780, asked the Governor of Maryland for assistance to stop the plundering. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • Off the shores of Upper and Middle Hoopers Island is the Hooper’s Island Lighthouse. This lighthouse was built in 1906 and is only one of eleven pneumatic caisson lighthouses in the United States.
Hooper's Island Light
By Brigantine~enwiki - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


  • The Little Choptank large-scale restoration project was completed this summer! That project included restoring 358 acres of oyster reef and planting 1.67 billion oyster seed. Learn more about the full story of Chesapeake Bay oyster restoration at NOAA's Oyster Restoration Story Map.
  • This week is National Estuaries Week! Learn the history behind the partnership that was created to help save the Bay, NOAA's Chesapeake Bay Program.



The paddling team will pick-up at Taylors Island Family Campground and traverse the back waters of Fishing Creek.  Their goal is to finish further down in Dorchester County near Crocheron.  Looking for good weather and conditions tomorrow!

$10 plants 1,000 oysters

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