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DAY 3 RECAP: September 20, 2020

Claiborne, MD to Tilghman, MD

The Bay Paddle is an epic, 200+ mile journey by standup paddleboard to raise awareness and funds for Oyster Recovery Partnership. You can help by donating $10, which plants 1,000 oysters back into Bay waters. DONATE HERE or text BAYPADDLE to 44-321.


67 miles complete / 240 total planned miles
(10 miles today)

$137,500 raised / $200,000

13.7 oysters raised / 20 million


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(As noted by Bay Paddle partner Bryan Kent Gomes, Educational Director, ClearSharkH2O)
  • Today we headed out from Clairborne Landing in Talbot County.  
  • Wind was moderate (it definitely lets you know it's there).  The waves were mellow but still choppy.  And the weather was again GREAT!
  • We were joined for the day with Capital SUP owner Chris (Goose) Norman’s mom, Brenda, out on a SUP.  Don’t let the “mom” part fool ya - she was more than up for the paddle! I see where her son gets his confidence and enthusiasm - happy to be in their circle and vibe on their positive energy!  
  • We scooted out of Clairborne and travelled south/southwest down the outer edge of Tilghman Island.  When we got to Knapps Narrows we cut into the narrows and pulled out there.  
  • Our shortest day yet … and we needed it (I’m calling it a “recovery day”).
  • Last night, Chris Hopkinson received pain treatments, especially to help with leg pain. Shout-out to sponsor Allstar Pain Management & Regenerative Medicine for making a house call!
The fancy compression boots (aka recovery boots) flush lactic acid and reduce recovery time.
Chris receiving treatment for pain and inflammation.
  • At the end of Day 3, Chris took a well-deserved rest in a hot tub!


  • Water Quality Data at Clairborne Landing: Turbidity = 52cm, pH = 7.4, Salinity = 26 PPT, Temperature =23C (73F)
  • Wildlife sightings: Bald eagles - 4 today, more jellyfish, cormorants, and gulls


  • How do our paddlers know what to wear and bring with them for a long day on the water? In addition to checking the marine weather forecast, they keep tabs on real-time conditions at NOAA Chesapeake Bay Interpretive Buoy System locations. These buoys monitor water temperature, wind, waves, current, and much more. You can track this information, too, at
  • Because of its mid-Bay location, watermen have long called Tilghman Island home. From the Watermen's Museum website, "After the Civil War more families landed on Tilghman’s Island, attracted by the booming oyster industry and the opportunities it presented. They worked on the dredges and tongers and with the shipping companies who packed the seafood on ice and sent it all over the nation. Islanders set up seafood buying and preparing operations on pilings over Dogwood Cove; oyster shells shuckers discarded into the cove grew into an island that held packing houses, a store, post office, and eventually the Tilghman Packing Company. The economy thrived, and Tilghman became the center for commerce in Talbot County: a preeminent watermen’s community."
  • Poplar Island is an environmental restoration project located in the Chesapeake Bay in Talbot County, Maryland. The beneficial use project relies on dredged material collected from the approach channels to the Baltimore Harbor to restore lost remote island habitat within the Chesapeake Bay. Learn more about the Poplar Island restoration project.


Photo Credit: Katie Sheridan
  • Harris Creek was the first tributary completed toward the @ChesBayProgram's goal to restore oyster in 10 tributaries by 2025. In Harris Creek, 351 acres of reef were restored, including planting 2.49 billion oyster seed. Learn more in the 2019 Maryland Oyster Restoration Update.
  • The Tred Avon large-scale oyster restoration project is still under way. As of the end of 2019, 87 acres of reef had been restored toward the plan of 147 acres. So far, 440 million oyster seed have been planted.
  • Restored oyster reefs benefit the Bay, critters who live here, and humans. Did you know that in one tributary, restoring oyster reefs could bring a 150% increase in the blue crab harvest? Check out more restored reef benefits.
  • Coastal Conservation Association Maryland and partners are helping to restore oysters and their three dimensional reefs by deploying conrete reef balls seeded with oyster spat. One of their largest projects is located off of Tilghman Island - learn more here.
  • One of ORP's major partners, Phillips Wharf Environmental Center, is located on Tlighman Island. Phillips Wharf offers year-round programs and events along its 5-acre waterfront campus and in the classroom, with initiatives including hands-on educational programs for Pre-K through 12th grade students; a Fishmobile, which travels to regional schools and events as Phillips Wharf’s marine science outreach program; an annual adult educational lecture series; special events, and a shellfish aquaculture training program.



Chris and fellow paddlers will pick-up east of Knapps Narrows and cross open water where the Choptank River meets the Chesapeake. Their goal is to pass the Little Choptank River and finish at the northern end of Taylors Island in Dorchester County.

$10 plants 1,000 oysters

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